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Prison Art by Leonard Peltier

"AIM is not an organization. AIM, as its name
clearly says, is a movement."  --Leonard Peltier

"Each February 6th marks another anniversary of incarceration
for Leonard Peltier. Please, Phone the White House Comment Line
on this day and often to respectfully demand "executive clemency"
for Mr. Leonard Peltier, an American Indian artist and humanitain!
Phone: (202) 456-1111 (Hit 0 to avoid the survey!)" --LPDC
Call the White House Comments Line Today!
Demand Justice for Leonard Peltier!
1-202-456-1111 or 1-800-663-9566

In His Own Words
Listen to Leonard Peltier - wav file
1988 Phone call from Leavenworth Penitentiary

Listen to Pray For The People - wav file

SEND CARDS AND LETTERS: Leonard Peltier #89637-132
USP-Lewisburg - US Penitentiary - P.O. Box 1000
Lewisburg, PA 17837-1000 (U.S. postal money orders, photos-not
Polaroid, and paper back books can be sent.)


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* The Official Oglala Commemoration Site
"Let the Great Healing Begin"
* Annual Oglala Commemoration Youth Concert
Pine Ridge Reservation Oglala, South Dakota'
Oglala Commemoration Planning Committee Email
Andy Mader, Robert Quiver and Lisa Reinhold
* Fund raising "auction" for Annual
Oglala Commemoration is under way.


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BackGround Information

Peltier In The Media

  • National Council of Churches Resolution on
    Supporting "Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier"
    1997 Annual General Assembly, November 11-14, 1997

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  • National Public Radio ~*~ Weekend Edition/Saturday ~*~ All Things Considered
    • Tapes and Transcripts: "Programs are Available on Tape and Transcript"
    • American Indian Movement "Thirty years ago today, a group of American Indian activists took over the island of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay. Calling themselves the "Indians of All Nations," the group demanded full title to the island and an Indian university. Although the takeover ended peacefully, it inspired a growing American Indian Movement, or AIM as it came to be called, to bigger, more militant takeovers. South Dakota Public Radio's Brian Bull looks at AIM's vision of itself, then and now. (8:45)" Weekend All Things Considered November 20, 1999 ( entire program).
    • Peltier NPR's Barbara Bradley reports on the latest moves in the decades-old campaign to win a pardon for Leonard Peltier, an American-Indian activist convicted of killing two FBI agents in 1975. Peltier is serving two life sentences in the federal prison at Leavenworth, Kansas. Supporters say Peltier was convicted on disputed evidence. They also note the clemency recently offered to Puerto Rican activists who had been convicted on bombing conspiracy charges. The FBI Agents Association is fighting against clemency for Peltier, saying he is guilty and should complete his sentence. Segment from All Things Considered Friday, November 12, 1999."
    • Clinton at Reservation "John Biewen of American RadioWorks reports from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, on the next stop of President Clinton's four-day, six-state trip. Unemployment and alcoholism are prevalent on the reservation. The President is expected to offer tax incentives to companies willing to invest in jobs at Pine Ridge." (RealAudio file from the Morning Edition, 7/7/99)
    • Wounded Knee Anniversary "Twenty-five years ago today, the siege at Wounded Knee, South Dakota began on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Members of the American Indian Movement took over the village, demanding sovereignty for the Sioux Nation. We hear tape from the confrontation between AIM members and federal marshals. (4:00)" (RealAudio file from the "All Things Considered" program, February 27, 1998)
    • Wounded Knee Today "Charles Michael Ray of South Dakota Public Radio reports on today's observance of the 25th anniversary of the siege at Wounded Knee, South Dakota." (4:00) (RealAudio file from the "All Things Considered" program, February 27, 1998)

  • Mp3.com ~*~ Native American
    • Reverend Goat "Artist description: Cherokee playing Buffalo jaw bone harp with slide player. Music style: Indian Blues."
      • Leonard Peltier CD "My Life is My Sun Dance: opening Spoken Word. Description: This is an excerpt from the soon to be released CD, based on the writings of Leonard Peltier. The piece is read by Harvey Arden, Leonard's editor and dear friend. CD: My Life is My Sun Dance Label: Mi Abuelo

  • Pacifica Radio ~ Network News ~ Democracy Now Radio Program ~ Archive
    "Pacifica is available thanks to the generous assistance of KBCS, community radio in Bellevue, WA. Listen to WPFW live online!"
    • Story: Leonard Peltier Speaks From Prison Part I: ~*~ Streaming Media "Archbishop Desmond Tutu says he should be freed. Amnesty International calls him a political prisoner. The FBI says he's a cold blooded murderer. Today an hour with Leonard Peltier." Telephone interview taped Friday, June 9, 2000. (Monday, June 12, 2000)
    • Story: Leonard Peltier Part II: ~*~ Streaming Media
      "Leonard Peltier was denied parole again yesterday, Monday, June 12, 2000. Peltier's attorneys said the decision would be appealed." (Interview with Leonard Peltier for Tuesday, June 13, 2000)
    • Story: Struggles Of The Lakota Nation ~ Listen Native American activist Leonard Peltier underwent surgery last week at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Peltier had been suffering for the last four years from a severe condition which caused his jaw to be frozen open 13 millimeters. Guest: Gina Chiala, co-coordinator, Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. Leonard Peltier will be reviewed for parole on June 12. (March 30, 2000 on Democracy NOW!)
    • Story: Peltier Supporters Mount Month-Long Campaign Seeking Clemency Supporters of Leonard Peltier, including survivors of the 1975 FBI Pine Ridge shootout and others, are at Lafayette Park in front of the White House today, kicking off a month-long campaign for clemency for the Native American leader and political prisoner. Guests: Harvey Arden, Editor of "Prison Writings: My Life is My Sundance" by Leonard Peltier. Jean Day, Member of the American Indian Movement. Jennifer Harbury, Human rights activist who is a part of the Peltier Defense Team. (November 1, 1999 on Democracy NOW!)
    • Story: LPDC Barges Into Justice Department, Demands Meeting With Reno This month of November, supporters of Native American leader and political prisoner Leonard Peltier are in the midst of a month-long campaign seeking clemency for Peltier, who has been in a federal prison for over two decades. (November 15, 1999 on Democracy NOW!)
    • Leonard Peltier: 23 Years behind Bars "This weekend marks the twenty-third anniversary of the imprisonment of Native American activist Leonard Peltier, who is currently serving two consecutive life sentences for the murder of two FBI agents, a crime that his supporters say he did not commit. Activists around the world will be holding demonstrations to demand that the Clinton administration grant him clemency. Jeremy Scahill reports." (2/5/99)
    • Wounded Knee "Today marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most significant clashes between the U.S. government and American Indians this century -- the 71-day siege of tiny hamlet of Wounded Knee, located on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, the site of an 1890 massacre of Indians by the U.S. Army." (2/27/98)
    • Still No Justice for Murdered Indian Activist "Anna Mae Pictou Aquash was murdered 23 years ago, on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. Her assassins have never been indicted. Anna Mae was an activist in the American Indian Movement. Today would have been her 53rd birthday. We have this reflection, in honor of women's history month, on Anna Mae Aquash and the questions still lingering about her brutal death." (3/27/98)
    • Activist March to Free Political Prisoners in U.S. "Activists in the U.S. converged on Washington, D.C. to call on the U.S. to release what they say are political prisoners. Like the biblical story of Jericho, activist say if they shout enough the prisoners, including Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier, will be freed." (3/2798)
    • Ramsey Clark On War Crimes, U.S. Policy "Former U.S. Attorney General between 1967 and 1969 under president Lyndon Johnson, an administration that escalated the war in Vietnam, and that pursued FBI investigations of civil rights activists under the Counter Intelligence Program. Now Ramsey Clark is a fierce critic of U.S. foreign policy and domestic human rights practices, and claims that "the greatest human rights violator in the world is my own government." He condemns the use of economic sanctions against what the U.S. calls "pariah nations", as well as U.S. bombings of Iraq and the Sudan. At a news conference yesterday sponsored by Amnesty International, 13-year-old Cyrus Peltier, grandson of Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier, pleaded with the Clinton administration to grant executive clemency to his grandfather before Christmas." (10/16/98)
    • Plea Issued for Release of Native American Activist Peltier "Amnesty International has issued a scathing report on human rights in the United States. The human rights group has highlighted the case of Leonard Peltier. Today his grandson Cyprus and activists made a plea to release Peltier by Christmas. Michelle Garcia reports." (10/15/98) ~*~ Visit the Amnesty International web site!
    • Anniversary of The Incident at Oglala Guest Peter Matthiesson. "Before Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas, the government militarily invaded the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota in 1975. Members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) had been invited to the reservation to defend traditional Indians and elders against rampant FBI-sponsored violence and murder. At the time the number of murders on the reservation was greater than the number of murders in the rest of the state combined. Twenty three years ago today, a firefight broke out on the reservation in which two FBI agents and a Native American were killed. The murder of the Native American was never investigated. But in a case filled with manufactured evidence and intimidated witnesses, the government convicted Leonard Peltier of murdering the two agents. He is currently serving two consecutive life sentences at Leavenworth Prison." (6/26/98) [Peter Matthiesson, is author of a number of books including:
      In The Spirit of Crazy Horse and Indian Country. He is also the author of the award-winning The Snow Leopard * Snow Leopard Audio Cassette. His latest book is a work of fiction, Lost Manís River, published by Random House.]

"Building A Sacred Dream"


  • Native Radio.com ~ Causes: Leonard Peltier ~ Leonard Peltier's Voice
    "Leonard Peltier, an Anishinabe-Lakota political prisoner, has spent the last 24 years of his life in prison despite the fact that the government has admitted on numerous occasions that they do not know who is responsible for the crime he was convicted of."

  • Red Thunder ~*~ Listen to Prayersong ~ Do you believe in freedom?
    "Leonard Peltier stands as a symbol of the injustices done to the
    American people by their own government. He is a Native American
    political prisoner wrongly accused and imprisoned. Every piece
    of evidence that convicted him has been proven false."

American Indian Movement
AIM Sites & Information


  • Dennis Banks Home Page ~*~ AIM Contact: P.O. Box 134 Federal Dam, MN
    • "The Walk For Justice is a 3,800 mile, five-month spiritual walk which began February 11, 1994, with an opening ceremony atended by over 400 persons at Alcatraz Island near San Francisco... The purpose of the WALK was to bring public attention to a variety of Native issues including the 18-year prison ordeal of Leonard Peltier. Signatures on petitions requesting President Clinton to grant Executive Clemency to Leonard Peltier have been collected throughout the duration of the WALK."
    • Dennis Banks on Leonard Peltier "We demand executive clemency for Leonard Peltier, given not on the basis of forgiveness, as a pardon would suggest, but based upon the belief of what is right and what is wrong. For Peltier to remain in prison is wrong. Executive clemency would be the only just and moral way to heal this wound."
    • American Indian Movement, December 7, 1999, Memo
      Written by Dennis Banks, AIM National Field Director
      (the People's Voice ~ Wednesday, December 8, 1999)

  • Northeast Confederated AIM "This chapter of the Confederation of Autonomous AIM has been sanctioned by Russell Means, Cofounder of the American Indian Movement, David Hill, Lawrance Sampson, of Southeast Texas AIM chapter, Santos Hawks Blood , Suarez, AIM Spokes person and other Affiliate chapters." --Ray Mongeau

  • South East Texas AIM Chapter Contact: Lawrence Sampson "This chapter has been established in response to the many issues facing the Indian community, both locally and internationally, which the American Indian Movement has historically addressed. These issues are many-fold, but are centered around our sovereignty, spirituality, and human rights. We also stress proper education about who our people were historically, who we are now, and our efforts toward the future."

  • AIM Support Group of Ohio & Kentucky "The American Indian Movement Support Group of Ohio and Northern Kentucky is a multicultural nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of Native American culture and heritage. We offer our support and resources to other indigenous peoples and minorities, as well as to individuals and organizations having compatible goals."
    E-mail: aimsupport@email.com ~*~ Web Forum ~*~ E-mail List
    Sonny Hensley (Chairperson) 859-586-7210 - Susan Hoffman (Vice-Chairperson)

AIM Information

  • History AIM #1 & #2: The International Conference Of
    Autonomous Chapters Of The American Indian Movement, 1993
    and The Edgewood Declaration, 1993

  • AIM: United Nations Walkout
    From: Bobby Castillo American Indian Movement

  • Joining the American Indian Movement... "And AIM List" From Leo Chavez, Jr
    NOTE: This link has been removed by request of Leo Chavez on 6/26/2014

  • '98 Rally For Justice "Statement From Vernon Foster,
    Director Southwest Regional AIM" (Monday, October 13, 1997)

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