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Mother Nature
Sends a Pink Slip

Written by Marilou Awiakta
"Recited at the "Memphis Gathering
for Unity" honoring the Sunbow5 Walkers."

Copyright © 1993 Awiakta
All Rights Reserved

           To: Homo Sapiens
           Re: Termination

                 My business is producing life.
                 The bottom line is
                 you are not cost effective workers.
                 Over the millennia, I have repeatedly
                 clarified my management goals and objectives.
                 Your failure to comply is well documented.

                 It stems from your inability to be a team player:
                 * you interact badly with co-workers
                 * contaminate the workplace
                 * sabotaged the machinery
                 * hold up production
                 * consume profits
                 In short, you are a disloyal species.

                 Within the last decade
                 I have given you three warnings:
                 * made the workplace too hot for you
                 * shaken up your home office
                 * utilized plague to cut back personnel
                 Your failure to take appropriate action
                 has locked these warnings into the Phase-Out
                 mode,  which will result in termination 

                             No Appeal.

This poem was written by Marilou Awiakta and recited
at the Memphis Gathering for Unity honoring the
Sunbow5 walkers. The poem is published in
Selu: Seeking the Corn-Mother's Wisdom,
Fulcrum Publishing, Golden,CO.,1993.
--Peace, Anne Gillis

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