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Faron Pritchett Graduates Academy With Honors

News from the Cherokee Nation
Cherokee News Path ~ Thursday, November 13, 2003

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Faron Pritchett
Cherokee Nation Marshal
ARTESIA, NEW MEXICO - Cherokee Nation Marshal Faron Pritchett, of Lost City, recently graduated with honors from a training academy for tribal officers.

"The Cherokee Nation Marshal Service is very proud of Faron for all of his hard work and professionalism that he displayed while in the academy", said Donnie Bowin, patrol operations lieutenant for the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service.

The Indian Patrol Officer Basic Academy in Artesia, New Mexico is a 16-week training course geared towards training tribal officers in situations that will be faced with while on the job.

"Itís tough to get into", Bowin said. "Its excellent training. There is a lot to learn about being a (Cherokee Nation) Marshal and this is a great way to learn it."

Pritchett was selected to be a squad leader while in the academy and received the Outstanding Overall Cadet award at the graduation ceremony. He also received awards for being an expert on the firing range and a driver-training award.

"Being chosen as a squad leader gave me great leadership experience", Pritchett said.

Pritchett has worked for the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service for one year, but had several years of law enforcement experience before joining the Marshal Service.

"I wanted to work for the Marshal Service because the Marshals get a lot of respect", Pritchett said. "They are very well thought of. It also allows me to work with the people I know, Cherokee people."

"The Cherokee Nation Marshal Service is held to higher standards wherever they go because of excellent officers like Faron", Brown said. "The Cherokee Nation as a whole should be very proud of him."

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