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Cherokee Heritage Center Dinner A Huge Success
"Over 150 came to honor Bud Adams!"

News from the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
Cherokee News Path ~ Sunday, September 24, 2000

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Tahlequah, OK - More than 150 people turned out Saturday, September 16, for Cherokee Heritage Centerís third annual fundraising dinner. This year's honoree was Cherokee National Historical Society board member K.S. "Bud" Adams Jr., founder, owner, Chairman, and CEO of the National Football Leagueís Tennessee Titans.

Good humor dominated the event, held in the Vista Room at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa. Throughout the evening, Mr. Adams repeatedly deflected attention from himself to the Cherokee Heritage Center. He stressed the important role donations and memberships play in keeping not-for-profit organizations like the Cherokee Heritage Center successful.

"The key to keeping the Cherokee Heritage Center running", he said, "is getting support from people out there. It (The Heritage Center) does a great job of keeping what theyíve got going, but itís a difficult thing. Iíve tried to help out with Adams Corner Rural Village as much as I can. Nancy and I want to see this thing through. I intend to stay with it."

Following his speech, Mr. Adams presented the Cherokee Heritage Center with a $50,000 check to augment the endowment for the Rural Village.

Mr. Adams told a series of anecdotes about his family and his Cherokee ancestors, whom he can trace to the Tennessee area. This heritage, and the location of his football team, inspired Mr. Adamsí donation of copious amounts of Tennessee-themed items for table centerpieces: Titans memorabilia; official AFC 1999 Championship footballs; and Goo-Goo candy bars. Mr. Adams autographed nearly all the footballs, many of which were taken home by Sequoyah High Schoolís football team.

Previous fundraising honorees include former Principal Chief Wilma Mankiller and C.W. "Bill" Flint Jr., CEO of Flint Co. For further information on donations and membership to the Cherokee Heritage Center, please call (888) 999-6007 or visit our website: Cherokee Heritage Center.

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