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Sixty-seven 'Firedancers' Return Home
"From Battling Fires In Florida"

Cherokee Press Association
Sunday, July 19, 1998

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67 of our 120 Cherokee Nation "Firedancers" have returned from battling the fires in Florida. These men and women spent their 4th of July holiday fighting the catastrophic fires that saw hundreds of thousands of acres burn along the northeast coast of Florida. The Firedancers were credited with helping stop fire from consuming about 250 homes.

Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) coordinator, Don Greenfeather, Chief of the Loyal Shawnees, said that our Firedancers assisted with five different fires. Don said they cut fire lines and provided structure protection tying to save homes and property. They were among thousands of fire fighters from around the country who left homes, families and holidays to help fight the fires.

Cherokee Nation has 120 Firedancers, and according to Greenfeather who administers the Firedancers, there is a need for more.

Thirteen Firedancers are fighting a prairie fire near Austin, Texas.

Don said that the crews in Florida are scheduled to spend three weeks there but the National Forest Service may retain them to continue fighting the fires.

We are thankful that all our Firedancers are unharmed.

Here is a list of 102 of our Cherokee Firedancers:

ADAIR COUNTY: Gilbert D. Bolin, Daniel L. Brown, Landon I. Bunch, Jackie D. Christie, Rodney D. Chuculate, Timothy D. Drain, Jim I. Flores, John E. Girty, Stone L. Girty, James W. Goodrich, Samuel D. Hooper, Henry J. McCalin, Anthony E Sanders, Brain I. Sanders, Stacey J. Scott, Lawrence D. Stealer, Luther W. Stopp, Jr., Kenneth W. Vann, Allen Washington, D.Y. Wolf.

CHEROKEE COUNTY: Russell W. Beaver, Sammy Beaver, John W. Campbell, Ronnie Carter, Kenneth L. Cole, Jason P. Davis, Phillip R. Daw, Christopher Dreadfulwater, Timothy J. Dunn, Ronald L. Elk, Arno Gann, Ray L. Garner, Cheryl I. Gibson, Marion J. Girdner, Joe P. Glad, Dean Gonzales, Dennis W. Gourd, Leon E. Howard, Jerry Hummingbird, Herman Jimerson, Alwood H. Lieb, Elton R. Littlecrook, Charles E. Mounce, Robert L. Murphy, Phillip D. Oosahwee, Terry Oosahwee, Andy Oosahwee, Jr., Willard D. Oosahwee, John t. Petterson, Nicolai D. Philemonof, Carl F. Phillips, Jason Poole, David M. Rabon, Jimmy D. Riddle, Eddie J. Robles, Jackie L. Rowe, Jason S. Silcox, Gary C. Smith, Daniel J. Starr, Graig P. Steely, Jerry A. Stevens, Damon W. Sunday, Mark L. Taylor, Justin Terrapin, John M. Thomas, Marcus C. Thompson, Stacey W. Thompson, Robert L. Yasteya.

MUSKOGEE COUNTY: Acee J. Allen, Mark A. Allen, Robert C. Eades, Betty Murdock

There are 17 more members whose names are not on the list.

We are very proud of all our Cherokee Firedancers who have gained national recognition for their excellence in service.

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