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Cherokee Social Games
"Di-ga-da-yo-s-di (Marbles)"

Information provided by the
Cherokee Nation Cultural Resource Center
E-mail: cultural@cherokee.org

[**Note: Cultural information may vary from clan
to clan, location to location, family to family,
and from differing opinions and experiences.
Information provided is not 'etched in stone'.]

Cherokee Marbles is a game of skill, still played in the form of tournaments. Also a skill is the art of making the marbles themselves.

The marble game dates back to approximately 800 a.d., and is a complex game of skill and strategy played by adults on a five-hole outdoor course.

Until the early part of the 20th century, players used marbles chipped from stone, smoothed into round marbles about the size of billiard balls. Today, there are still some traditional marble makers, but most tournaments utilize billiard balls for play.

The game is played on a field approximately 100 feet long, where there are five holes about two inches in diameter, 10 to 12 yards apart, forming an L-shape. Any number of players may play, but each team must have an equal number.

Each player uses on marble and must keep track of its location as well as the opposing players marbles. The players toss the marbles at the holres with the object of advancing by landing in each hole in sequence and returning to the starting point. Players must toss their marbles and knock the opposing players’ out of the way in a prescribed manner. The first team to complete the course is the winner.

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The Cherokee Nation Cultural Resource Center
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